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Build-a-Bear Is Releasing a Nightmare Before Christmas Doll and People Are Losing It


Everything’s coming up spooky. Just a few weeks after Build-A-Bear announced they’d be releasing Harry Potter-themed stuffed bears covered in HP themed regalia like robes, ties, scarves, and a wand corresponding to the Hogwarts house of any lucky kid’s choice, they’ve announced plans to take on yet another major, beloved movie that has captured the hearts of kids across the country: The Nightmare Before Christmas. That’s right! Build-A-Bear has launched a line of adorable little scary stuffies, from Oogie Boogie to Jack and Sally and the little white dog that everyone loves, Zero. 

While the Jack Skellington and Sally dolls were already for sale around the spooky season last year, Oogie Boogie and Zero are new additions to the tribe. And, Oogie Boogie isn’t just a cute little stuffed pal — the doll also comes with a sound piece that you can put in the paw. When the paw is squeezed, Oogie Boogie launches into the song that he sang to scare Sandy Claws in the Nightmare movie, which may not exactly be the most comforting or sweet song on the planet, but, for any fanatics of the film, is a welcome perk. 

The website reads, “Roll the dice and gamble with Oogie Boogie if you’re feeling lucky! The singing sack from Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas may be the meanest man in Halloween Town, but his oversized, snuggly body makes him irresistible. This burlap bogeyman from the classic film includes “Oogie Boogie’s Song” on a sound chip, so you can sing and dance along at the press of his paw. Join the seam-splitting fun and bring home Oogie Boogie today!” 

But for people who might have more, erm, regular tastes, Zero will be the stuffy to get. And, instead of his normal black dot of a nose, zero comes with a pumpkin nose, making him extra Halloween friendly. The stuffed animals are available on the Build-a-Bear website.