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Star Wars and Build-a-Bear Are a Match Made in Merchandising Heaven

The porg bear is every bit as adorable as you are imagining.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi comes to theaters on December 15 and Build-a-Bear has released a whole new set of bears in anticipation of the eighth film in the Star Wars saga. Of the two new Star Wars bears, the most popular will almost certainly be the Chewbacca bear and the Porg, the newest adorable creature from a galaxy far, far away. The Build-a-Bear Star Wars line will also include a Praetorian Guard costume, a stormtrooper costume, a Rey bear, and even stormtrooper commander Captain Phasma if you are looking for a bear that’s more badass than cuddly.


This is not the first time Build-a-Bear and Disney have teamed up to scratch each other’s respective backs. Build-a-Bear has released sets of bears inspired by Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and, of course, Minnie Mouse. The partnership makes sense for both sides. Disney gets some great promotion for upcoming films while Build-a-Bear gets to join forces with one of the biggest kid’s merchandising empires of all time. And no corner of Disney merchandising is bigger than Star Wars, as the franchise pulled in $700 million in merchandise sales in 2015.

Our only complaint? Why not release an Ewok as well? Yes, the tiny, Endorian creatures are most likely not in The Last Jedi but it feels like a mistake on Build-a-Bear’s part to omit the Star Wars characters that are essentially tiny bears. Sure, some may criticize the Ewoks as silly or stupid but those people seem to forget that the Ewoks played a vital role in helping the rebels take down the Empire’s shield generator. Plus, they’re cute as hell. But until Ewoks finally get the justice they deserve, head to the store and get yourself and your kid a couple of adorable squishy porgs. It’s the perfect way to start preparing for the countdown to The Last Jedi.