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Bryan Cranston Says He Beat COVID-19, Donates Plasma to Science

Don't worry, Walter White will be just fine.


Bryan Cranston is the latest celebrity to reveal that he’d contracted COVID-19. In a video posted to Instagram, the Breaking Bad star said that he was “very lucky” and only had mild symptoms when he had the disease, which he says he caught “early on.”

The video begins outside the UCLA Blood & Plasma Center and not, he jokes, at the marijuana dispensary next door. He’s there to donate his antibody-laden plasma, as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have already done, which can aid the researchers studying the disease.

Cranston took the opportunity to film something of a documentary of/commercial for the plasma donation process. After his exterior intro, the video cuts to Cranston sitting in one of the donation chairs with Ron, an employee of the center, getting him set up to donate.

“I noticed Ron was a little nervous coming in this morning, a little shaky.” Cranston joked. “How’s your aim, Ron?”

“Nothing is more entertaining to me than causing extreme pain,” Ron jokes back. He also briefly explains the plasma donation process before revealing that his aim is pretty good by inserting the needle with ease.

To pass the time while his blood is extracted, the plasma separated, and the rest of it pumped back in, Cranston fires up A Face in the Crowd on the TV at the center.

Eventually, Ron shows Cranston the 840 milliliters of plasma they took out of him, “liquid gold” as they both refer to it. The video ends with a request to donate plasma, wash your hands, social distance, and wear a mask, though we imagine a Walter White hazmat suit would also do a pretty good job.