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Bronny James Pulled Off His Dad’s Signature Windmill Dunk

Like father, like son.


Lebron James‘ son is only 14 years old, but he’s already shaping up to be a future NBA superstar, just like his dad. In a newly-released video, Bronny James Jr. pulls off Lebron’s signature windmill dunk. The move is a fan-favorite, and features, you guessed it, a windmill-like motion of the arm before dunking the ball. It’s no easy feat to recreate it, but Bronny clearly has it in his DNA.

The teenager showed off his skills at Nike’s Peach Jam tournament, an annual event that brings together some of the nation’s most promising young basketball players. Of course, Lebron James was in the crowd at the Staples Center cheering his son on. In a clip from the tournament, Bronny is seen executing the signature windmill dunk during warm-ups, and fans can’t help but see history repeating itself right before their eyes.

Lebron’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins, however, joked on Twitter that the teen still has a long way to go. “I see you nephew!!!” he wrote. “I wouldn’t call it a windmill just yet maybe more like a baby ceiling fan but still very impressive.”

Bronny has plenty of time to sharpen his dunking skills, but it’s safe to say he’s doing pretty darn well for a teenager. Though he’d already been nailing it as a freshman player at the Crossroads School, Bronny and his brother Bryce will be transferring to Sierra Canyon School in the fall, where Dwayne Wayne’s son Zaire is also said to attend. Surely, this is just the beginning of the greatness we’ll see from the 14-year-old talent.