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Bronny James Hits Clutch Shot to Beat Dad’s Alma Mater and LeBron Goes Nuts

It's probably the only time he's ever been happy his high school team lost a game.


The stars have aligned to produce an under-the-wire contender for greatest sports parent photograph of the decade. It shows a sweatsuit-clad LeBron James standing courtside and leaning over the sideline, wife Savannah holding on seemingly to prevent him from going over.

The only thing that could produce the intense expressions on their faces—LeBron’s one of pure concentration, Savannah’s one of beaming pride—is watching their eldest son Bronny play, something that LeBron probably doesn’t get to do as much as he’d like given his busy travel schedule.

But the Lakers had an off-day on Saturday, so LeBron chartered a flight to Columbus, Ohio, where Bronny’s Sierra Canyon squad was facing off against St. Vincent-St. Mary, the very school where his dad spent his high school years. We told you the stars aligned.

“My heart is always gonna be with St. V. Coach Dru is like a father to me, a father figure,” James said in a halftime interview of the longtime coach. “He taught me so much not only about the game of basketball but about life and what it means to be a young man off the floor.”

While he still has a lot of love for his high school, LeBron was amped to see Bronny, a freshman who started the game off the bench, play his alma mater in front of a packed Nationwide Arena.

“I think I was a lot more nervous than my son. Coming in here and being such a surreal moment for myself, our family, for Bronny himself. It’s pretty cool.”

LeBron couldn’t have known then just how cool things would turn out to be.

With just under a minute to go and Sierra Canyon down one, Bronny stole the ball off an inbounds pass attempt at halfcourt. He charged up the sideline, outrunning one defender, before navigating around another with a finger roll that dropped in to give Sierra Canyon the lead.

As you can probably imagine, LeBron lost his mind in a moment wisely captured by the camera operator who swung over to LeBron right after the ball hit the bottom of the net.

It was a special day for the James family, and a reminder, once again, that in addition to being one of the top players in the NBA LeBron is also one of the top sports parents in the world.