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Bronny James Dominates in His Debut Game in Los Angeles

LeBron was in attendance proudly watching his son's incredible performance.

LeBron James has gotten an incomparable amount of hype and attention since joining the Lakers but it turns out his son Bronny might be the real king of Los Angeles, as the 14-year-old dominated the court in his debut game with Santa Monica Crossroads. Back in October, LeBron started off his career in LA in unsurprisingly impressive fashion, as the 33-year-old scored 26 points in a 128-119 loss to the Portland Trailblazers. However, his strong numbers were no match for Bronny, who managed to put up 27 points in his team’s win over Culver City Middle School. The eighth-grader even managed to throw down a dunk during the game, just to show off.

While he may have been bested by his son’s incredible performance, LeBron doesn’t seem to be too upset about it. In fact, he was at the game, proudly watching his son command the entire court with his next-level handles and fire shooting. LeBron has said his decision to come to LA was in large part due to his family, so getting to watch his son thrive on his new team was a thrill.

“It’s like a really good feeling,” LeBron told ESPN. “His first game was [Monday], and he had a hell of a game, and both of them play [Tuesday], so I’m going to catch both of their games, but it’s just a proud family going on in our household, and I’m a proud dad.”

In a touching tribute to his old man, Bronny decided to start wearing number 23 this season, the same number his dad has worn for most of his career.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but it definitely made me feel proud,” LeBron told ESPN in regards to his son’s number switch.