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British Man Gets COVID Vaccine, Appears Unimpressed, Goes Viral

The nonplussed 91-year-old has gone viral for his lowkey reaction to getting the COVID-19 vaccie.


The COVID-19 vaccine is big news, but for one man who just got the shot, it was basically no big whoop. Martin Kenyon was another one of the famous 90+-year-olds who got the COVID vaccine on Tuesday, December 8 in Britain, after the country rolled out the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The vaccine, which is done in two jabs, will be given to 800,000 people this week in the country, and Kenyon marks himself as one of the first. But what he probably didn’t expect to mark himself as TV-famous by the end of the day. 

As he left the hospital, CNN reporter Cyril Vanier pulled him aside and began to interview him on live television. The four and a half minute interview that follows is so stereotypically British, and so funny, that it will be hard to say it won’t make your day. 

The nonplussed 91-year-old who had the air of just going out for a spot of tea and coming across something semi-interesting has fascinated the internet — and for good reason. Perhaps the rest of the world would be better off if we all had a little bit more of his attitude

Right off the bat, Kenyon throws the interview for a wild ride (and one that has a markedly different tone than that of Margaret Keenan, who had her COVID vaccine yesterday and was met with fanfare and excitement) by revealing that he clearly found the whole affair to be pretty mundane. In fact, his biggest problem with the whole ordeal?

“Of course I couldn’t find anywhere to damn well park my car, so I was late. Anyway, so I’m here now, and I got inside, and they put me on a list and I went off and had a rather nasty lunch and came back and they were ready for me,” he said, matter-of-factly, with little emotion in his voice, with the tone of someone who had experienced a set of minor inconveniences — not the tone of someone who had made history by being among the first in the world to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in a non-trial setting. 

As for his reasoning behind getting the vaccine? Rather blithely, he said: “Well there’s no point in dying now when I’ve lived this long, is there. I don’t plan to, anyway.”