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Study Says Sexual Dysfunction Could Be Cured With Bright Light

Maintaining any sort of sex life after having kids is an accomplishment parents should be proud of, even if you don’t always stick the metaphorical landing. It’s not your fault — you’re exhausted from raising the worst wingman (or woman) ever. Still, on the rare occasion you get to have sex you’d like to enjoy it. Luckily, Italian researchers have done the dirty work for you. The answer: Bright lights.

Bright Lights Boost Male Libido

The study out of Italy’s University of Siena found that early morning exposure to bright light (a treatment often used for seasonal affective disorder) can boost testosterone, sexual function, satisfaction, and rule out the possibility you’re a vampire. Subjects who spent 30 minutes each morning in front of a specially designed light box for 2 weeks experienced an increase in testosterone and a 3-fold improvement in sexual satisfaction. The best part is that the bright light can go off long before you and the missus get busy. Just in case seeing each other naked is a turn-off.

Only a small sample of the 38 male subjects were recruited for the study. This is mostly because they had to be diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction, and that’s hard. (Difficult — they meant difficult.) Authors of the research agree that these are just preliminary findings, and larger studies need to be done on the link between light exposure and testosterone production. But in the meantime you can “experiment” on yourself. That is if 30 minutes of alone time during the middle of the day ever happens.

[H/T] Los Angeles Times