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Here’s One Way New ‘Breaking Bad’ Episodes Could Happen

Zombies are involved.


Okay, so at the end of the Breaking Bad series, the chemistry teacher turned ruthlessly neurotic drug kingpin Walter White looked pretty dead right? Well, what if there was a way that he may have survived, sort of? At San Diego Comic-Con this week, Breaking Bad show creator Vince Gilligan was asked if there was any truth to the theory that AMC’s The Walking Dead actually takes place in the same universe as Breaking Bad, and both Gilligan and the actors seemed to like the idea.

The theory essentially goes like this. What if Walt’s crystal meth concoction was what actually brought on the zombie apocalypse? Because fans don’t need a lot to chew on before they get the conspiracy gears turning, they’ve been speculating about it since the song “Negro y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg” appeared in both an episode of Breaking Bad and Fear The Walking Dead

“I love that theory,” Gilligan said. “That was a kick. They’re two great shows, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.”

While it is so much fun to think that Walt and Jesse might be floating around in the same universe as Rick and the gang, whether they’re undead or not, it’s highly unlikely that any connection between the shows exists. At least not one that transcends them simply being on the same network. Still, Bryan Cranston, the guy who famously played Walter White, said that he wanted to hear more. Does anyone hear a spin-off/crossover? A spin-over?

“Walt is dead, so he could be a zombie right now. Heisenberg zombie! My agents are out here, we should talk.” Cranston said.