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Evidence Is Mounting That Walter White is Returning for the ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie

Bryan Cranston is posting mysterious stuff...

Twitter/Aaron Paul

One of the central themes of Breaking Bad was human cruelty. And while it doesn’t quite rise to the level of Walt bombing a nursing home, if Jesse and Walt aren’t headed to the big screen what Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are doing on social media will feel pretty cruel.

It’s the duo’s cryptic Instagram posts that are driving fans wild with speculation. The first, posted by each at 1:02 p.m. on June 25, was a sepia-toned image of two donkeys with the caption “Soon.” The second, posted at 1:02 p.m. on July 2 — exactly one week later — shows the actors walking along a shallow river together with the caption “Even sooner.”

They’re clearly being nonspecific on purpose, so let’s run down the possibilities.

One, they could be breaking bad in terms of trolling their fans, just a couple of buddies who decided to play a prank on their fans.

Two, they’re working on a project unrelated to Breaking Bad. We’d definitely go see that movie — they’re both great actors with great chemistry, after all — but a completely separate project is not what’s attracted hundreds of thousands of likes to these posts.

Three, it’s happening. The Breaking Bad movie will star Cranston and Paul as Walter and Jesse, two meth-making pals back together on the big screen. Given the events of the end of the series, that would mean Gilligan was jumping around the timeline, but he’s done that with regularity on Better Call Saul, so that’s definitely within the realm of possibility.

While the existence of the film has been confirmed, what hasn’t are any plot or cast details. Creator Vince Gilligan is writing and directing, but it’s possible, we suppose, that it’s all about, say Hank’s childhood or what Skylar does in the aftermath of Walt’s betrayal.

Again, we’d definitely go see those movies, but we’re holding out hope that at 1:02 on July 9 Cranston and Paul, right on schedule, post another photo that confirms their involvement in the film, that a true Breaking Bad movie is in the works. Fingers crossed.