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Break the Rules at Disneyland and You Could End Up in Disney Jail. Seriously.

It doesn't exactly sound like the happiest jail on earth.


Kim Gordon, the bassist for seminal alternative rock band Sonic Youth, revealed this week that as a teenager she got busted by Disneyland security for smoking pot in a cave on Tom Sawyer’s Island. Her punishment? A night in Disney jail.

“They took us underground,” Gordon told the Guardian, where she saw “Mickey Mouse with a walkie-talkie” and was asked by one of the officers: “Does your mother know you’re not wearing a bra?”


Gordon’s story joins those of celebrities like Blake Lively and ordinary people on Twitter who have described what it’s like to be detained at Disneyland for breaking the rules of the park.

Despite California’s legalization of marijuana, both possessing and smoking it are still explicitly banned from the Anaheim park. The company rights section of the park rules includes a provision stating that Disney reserves “the right to deny admission, prevent entry or require a person already admitted to leave the Disneyland Resort or any party thereof, without refund, liability, or compensation.”

It doesn’t mention any sort of holding area, much less an overnight stay in an underground cell, which hopefully hasn’t happened since Gordon’s era. And yet, the evidence suggests that some form of detention does happen to rulebreakers.

Buzzfeed asked Disney about it four years ago. The company said the rumors are “misleading” and a “wives’ tale.” Evidence for that claim: this 2015 video shows what looks more like an office than a holding cell.

On the other hand, an interview with a Disney cast member contained a description of another holding area that aligns with Gordon’s story: “Imagine being locked up, underground, in a room with bars on the windows and The Lion King playing on an endless loop.”

Yikes, part 2.

The same employee said that getting sent to Disney jail means you’re getting kicked out of the park and possibly banned from future visits.

So unless you want a story about getting sent to Disney jail—probably a cooler story than it is a fun experience—you’re better off leaving the weed at home, not getting too drunk, and doing everything you can to follow Mickey’s other rules.