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Brazilian Drug Lord Tried Escaping Prison by Dressing as His Teen Daughter

Can't believe this didn't work!


People love a good fail, as evidenced by shows like Netflix’s Nailed It and television classic, America’s Funniest Home Videos. But a prison escape fail? This is taking things to an entirely new (and bizarre) level. Brazilian gang leader Clauvino da Silva disguised himself as his teen daughter in an attempt to escape from jail and let’s just say he was not fooling anyone with his ensemble.

The Associated Press reported that 42-year-old da Silva, who is currently serving a 73-year sentence for drug trafficking, was caught by guards when he began “acting nervously.” The nightmarish silicon mask, terrible, obvious wig, and ill-fitting pink t-shirt also probably tipped them off. A video released by Rio de Janeiro’s State Secretary of Prison Administration shows da Silva removing the “disguise” before he eventually admits his real name. He was apparently attempting to take on the identity of his 19-year-old daughter, who may or may not have been in on the rouse.

Twitter users are having a field day with the jaw-dropping video, many of which are responding to the video with gifs of similarly botched disguises. Inevitably, at least one person has shared an image from Marlon and Shawn Wayans’ bizarre 2004 comedy, White Chicks. (The resemblance is uncanny.)

Da Silva, also known as Baixinho (or “Shorty”) escaped from Rio’s Gericinó prison back in 2013 via the sewer system, Brazil’s Globo reported. This time, he planned on walking out the front door in his disguise after leaving his daughter in his jail cell. He’s certainly creative, we’ll give him that.