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What’s With the Random Famous Actor in ‘Deadpool 2’? He Did it for His Kids

This guy has been in enough amazingly serious movies to take a break with a silly one.

Youtube/20th Century Fox

Like its predecessor, Deadpool 2 is full of mind-bending fourth wall breaks that don’t just help to define the titular character but anchor the film’s comedy as well. Some of these moments are surprising. Others are very surprising. The most surprising happens to feature Brad Pitt, who, as it turns out, was willing to have a very brief cameo in Deadpool 2 because he thought it would make his kids laugh. Pretty likable stuff.

In the middle of the movie, Deadpool starts to assemble the X-Force, his own team of heroes, and one of the more mysterious members of his new team is called The Vanisher. As you might imagine, he goes largely unseen — that is, until the end when he’s electrocuted and it’s revealed for a quick second that Brad Pitt is actually playing the character.

“We never saw Vanisher in the original script. He was always a mystery,” said screenwriter Paul Wernick. “When he got tangled up…we just thought, ‘Oh my god, what a perfect idea for a celebrity cameo.’ And then we thought, ‘Who is the hardest get in Hollywood? Let’s call him.'”

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular character and is kind of the creative CEO of this whole Deadpool cinematic enterprise, personally reached out to Pitt. As it turns out, convincing the A-lister to make a quick appearance wasn’t hard at all. Apparently, Pitt’s kids are huge fans of the first movie, and he apparently did the role “for scale” (which means he took the minimum wage allowed by the actor’s union) and a cup of coffee hand delivered by Reynolds.

Men will do literally anything to impress their kids.