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Brad Pitt Might Be Paying Child Support After All

Just a couple of rich parents duking it out.


A recent statement released by the attorney for actress Angelina Jolie in her highly public divorce from Brad Pitt accused the father of having made no meaningful child support payments. But Pitt’s camp quickly fired back, saying that he’s paid her $9 million already.

Pitt and Jolie filed for divorce in 2016 and have since struggled to come to a custody arrangement for their six children. While Jolie’s attorney claims that the statements in her court filings are fair and normal, Pitt’s camp says that they’re a “thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage.”

Pitt’s lawyers are claiming that of the $9 million that he’s already paid to Jolie, about $8 million was a personal loan that was supposed to help her buy her current home. The rest of the money ($1.3 million) was specifically for their six children. While it may be hard for someone who can’t swim in a pool of their own money to listen to two grown multi millionaires gripe over million dollar child support payments, that doesn’t make the drama of it all any less fascinating. Still, neither Jolie or Pitt need any money from the other, right?

It’s hard to imagine why Jolie would need to manipulate media coverage, though last summer a judge told Jolie that she needed to let her children spend more time with their father or risk strengthening his argument for being given full custody of them.

Ultimately, this is hardest on their kids. Not only are they children whose parents are in the middle of a divorce, but that divorce is extremely public. Everyone gets to speculate about whether your dad is going to run off with his ex-wife or if he’s a deadbeat, while they write your mom off as petty and vindictive. This whole situation is the least fair for the six non-millionaires wrapped up in it.