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Boy’s Reaction To Sibling’s Dirty Diaper Is Giving Us Giggles

You learn a lot when you become a big brother.

Bringing a new baby home is a big deal full, and a time of many changes. It is not just a big deal for the parents, but for their siblings who have been told stories of the incoming baby for months. While we do our best to prepare our older kids for what it means to be a big sibling, the reality is different. It’s hard to conceptualize what a “baby” is when all you see is your parent’s stomach getting bigger. Just ask this 2-and-a-half-year-old newly anointed big brother whose reaction to his sibling has gone viral.

According to a video posted by Storyful, Sterling, a toddler from New Brunswick, Canada, has recently been promoted to a big brother to his brand new sister, Jolene. According to his mom, Casandra Graves, who spoke to the publication, her son was excited about becoming a brother and had his mind made up early.

“Sterling always said he wanted a little sister, and that’s exactly what he got,” Casandra shared.

While there are a million perks to being an older brother, even for a toddler, there are some downsides too. Crying, sharing attention, and a lot more responsibility on the older sibling. But, for Sterling, his struggle with his new role came when it was time for mom to change his little sister’s diaper.

On Nov. 13, 2020, Casandra shared a video to her TikTok profile, capturing a moment between Sterling and little Jolene that made mom bust out with giggles – and us too.

Mom’s holding the camera, little Jolene is laying in front of her kicking her cute little baby legs when mom suggests Sterling help her out.

“Smell her bum see if she pooped,” she asked the new big brother. He happily obliged, at first. And likely won’t ever fall for it again, but his reaction to his sibling in that moment was hilarious.


“Smell her bum see if she pooped” #numberonemom #funny #gag #brother #sister #laugh #hilarious #fyp

♬ original sound – Cassandra G

Sterling leans in and takes a deep breath in close to Jolene, who is fully dressed, wearing a pink fleece sleeper. His reaction is immediate, very visceral, and it makes us giggle. He stepped away quickly and gagged while giving his sister the side stink eye.

It’s a hilarious moment that I’m sure many of us have experienced with our own kids. It went viral on the platform quickly, amassing over 1.4 million views, and comments from people enjoying the funny moment between them.