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Here’s How A 9-Year-Old Boy Survived 72 Hours In Tennessee Wilderness

A resourceful 9-year-old survived three days in the Tennessee wilderness through survival skills.


For the foster parents of 9-year-old Jordan Allen Gorman, today is a very good day. Jordan, a young kid who lives in Ashland City, Tennessee, went missing a little over three days ago after a fight with his them — and luckily, after a widespread search to find him found him safe and sound less than a mile from his house, alive and well, having survived three days of very cold temperatures and not having any food or water.

He also, it’s worth noting, didn’t have a jacket, socks, or shoes on. How did he survive? By utilizing some good old fashioned survival skills.

When Jordan was found by authorities who had been conducting a search for him, he was found sheltering under a blue tarp. Jordan found the tarp in the woods and attached it to a tree, and fashioned it into a form of shelter so that he could survive those three long days in the wilderness

The first responder who found Jordan said that when he saw the tarp move (because Jordan was under it,” he said, perhaps not so eloquently, “It was the most holy crap moment.” 

Jordan was sheltering in a creek bed close to his parent’s house. While he was cold and hungry when he was found, the tarp likely helped protect him from the freezing temperatures that have hit Nashville as the weather gears its way towards winter across the country. 

“He’s always just been really resilient and an explorer type but to be standing for two days with no jacket no shoes no socks,” Jordan’s biological father said. “I don’t like going to the living room, let alone outside and walking three-quarters of a mile through the woods with no socks and shoes on, through sticks and rocks. I mean, it’s just crazy.”

Luckily, Jordan is safe and sound at home now, although it will likely take quite some time for him to decompress from the traumatic ordeal.