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Boy Drops Pants and Pees During Mom’s Romantic Marriage Proposal

Although in all fairness, the 3-year-old is still being potty trained.

YouTube: Kevin Przytula

A marriage proposal is a delicate balancing act. It typically requires just the right amount of planning and spontaneity, and if something goes wrong, well, it may not be the best omen for the marriage. Still, in some cases, a little bit of unexpected chaos can make an engagement even better than originally planned. Case in point: A three-year-old Michigan boy just photobombed his mom’s romantic marriage proposal by dropping his pants and casually peeing just a few feet away from the couple.

This whole hysterical incident began when Kevin Przytula decided it was time to pop the big question to his girlfriend Allyssa. During a walk around Bay City, Michigan, with her son Owen and his 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh, Kevin surprised Allyssa by proposing in front of a fountain. Kayleigh was in charge of recording the important occasion. But just as Kevin began to drop to one knee to ask Allyssa to marry him, Owen ⏤ who is still being potty trained, mind you ⏤ declared “I’m gonna pee outside” and dropped his pants to urinate.

Kevin and Allyssa were so caught up in the moment, they failed to notice their son’s unique expression of jubilation until it was pointed out to them after by Kayleigh, who can be heard giggling in the video. Fortunately, the couple seemed to take his engagement gift in stride, as Kevin decided to post the hilarious video on his YouTube account. Unsurprisingly, it quickly went viral. In just a couple of days, the engagement-gone-so-wrong-it’s-right video has racked up over more than half a million views.