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An 11-Year-Old Boy Died After Having an Allergic Reaction to Smelling Fish

"He was my everything."

Getty Images

Authorities are investigating the sudden death of an 11-year-old boy which was allegedly caused by a severe fish allergy. Camron Jean-Pierre of Brooklyn passed away Tuesday after he had a fatal reaction to the smell of fish.

“We knew he had an allergy… but usually, he don’t get nothing that severe like that,” said dad Steven Jean-Pierre, who informed police that the family was cooking cod on New Year’s Day when Camron started experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction. “He don’t eat fish. We don’t put it around him. It just so happens they was cooking it when we came in.”

After the boy, who also had asthma, said that even his breathing machine wasn’t helping, his dad called 911. “He kept telling me, ‘I’m not able to breathe,'” Jean-Pierre recalled, adding, “It felt like he had no pulse. I tried to give him the CPR and he came back but I wish I knew (how) to keep pumping him because he woke up and I felt his heart and everything.”

By the time the EMS arrived at the grandmother’s home on 82nd Street near Flatlands Avenue, Camron was unconscious. He was rushed to Brookdale University Medical Center, where he died shortly after. “He told me, ‘Daddy, I love you. I love you. He gave me two kisses,” Jean-Pierre said of Camron’s last moments.

According to board-certified allergist Dr. Purvi Parikh, “Timing is everything in a food allergic reaction, and it can go downhill rather fast. The most severe type of food allergic reactions are something call anaphylactic shock which means basically that all of your organs are kind of shutting down in response to the food.”

The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology also explains that the proteins released into the air while fish is cooking can cause these sorts of rare reactions, even if the person doesn’t actually eat any of the fish.