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Andy Ruiz Jr. Is the Hero the Dad Bod Community Needs Right Now

Nothing but respect for our Thicc King.

Getty Images

Over the weekend, Andy Ruiz Jr. shocked the world when he knocked out the heavily-favored Anthony Joshua in the seventh round, earning his three heavyweight belts and establishing himself as one of the most formidable boxers on earth. But, perhaps even more importantly, Ruiz earned himself a first-ballot ticket to the Dad Bod Hall of Fame, as the 29-year-old reminded everyone of the consequences of underestimating a Thicc King in the ring.

At first glance, Ruiz doesn’t look like what most of us imagine when we think of a champion boxer. Joshua, Ruiz’s opponent, has the look of a classic boxer. He’s 247 pounds of pure muscle, with a statuesque physique that was built to beat down inferior opponents. Ruiz, on the other hand, looks like a guy who let himself go after college. He’s a bit doughy and, before the fight, he weighed in at 268. On paper, this looked like an easy win for Joshua, which is Ruiz was the 11-1 underdog heading into the fight.

But as the old cliche goes, looks can be deceiving. And while it was easy to judge Ruiz based on his bulkier size, at the end of the day, he dominated when it counted and now holds three heavyweight titles. So next time you are feeling down about your ever-growing gut or doubt yourself because of your thick thighs, just think of Ruiz and remember that a dad bod isn’t a sign of decline; it’s a badge of honor that men all around the country should wear with pride.