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Bow and Arrow Versus Baby Tooth

Need to pull a baby tooth? Take a cue from this Australian archer.

An Austrailian dad proved he was the badest of all the asses when he went Hunger Games on his daughter’s loose baby tooth. The enterprising guy, a skilled archer, decided to employ a bow, arrow, and length of string to remove his girl’s wiggly incisor. The little girl tried first, but while adorably Katniss Everdeen-esque, she just didn’t have the muscle to get the arrow to right velocity. Enter dad.

There was just a slight problem with the method. After recovering from the shock of such awesomeness, the family it seems searched for little Kora’s tooth in vain. That left her only one option: Make an apologetic plea to the tooth fairy, who Kora is certain will probably be able to see the tooth somewhere in the yard at night.

All in all, it’s a good lesson for parents who want to step up the tooth removal game from the old “slam the door” tactic. In fact, there is any number of projectiles that could be launched or thrown in the service of removing teeth. Bonus points to the first dad who uses a trebuchet.