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Bounce House With a Boy Inside Flies Onto Freeway

And somehow the 9-year-old manages to walk away unscathed.


A 9-year-old boy was jumping in a bounce house in his front yard in San Bernadino, CA, when a massive gust of wind unexpectedly swept the inflatable structure skyward ⏤ and then dropped it onto a nearby freeway. Somehow, despite the fact that the flying house crashed into a car on Highway 395, the boy emerged unscathed. Or, at least, without suffering any real injuries. He reportedly had a few minor scratches and bruises, and passing drivers stopped in time to make sure the boy was protected from oncoming traffic.

“The kid got lucky,” said Sgt. Marc Bracco of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The driver of the sedan that was struck by the bounce house also avoided injury but was reportedly “shaken up” by the incident. Meanwhile, the freeway was shut down for about two hours.

It’s unclear whether the bounce house, which had been rented by the boy’s family for a party, was tethered to the ground when the high winds hit. It may not have mattered. As Bracco noted, he recommends that families use concrete buckets or five-gallon water jugs instead of stakes to weigh down bounce houses, as they are more likely to keep them secure in case of strong winds.”Once those stakes rip out of the ground, that stuff starts moving,” Bracco said.

It’s actually not the first time a bounce house has gone airborne. Last year, five children were injured when powerful winds caused one to take flight at a church carnival in South Carolina.