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‘Boss Baby’ Will Take Over Your Netflix In New TV Series

The babies are in danger of being replaced by cats.


Who knew the premise of a baby who is also a boss could be stretched so far? Today, Netflix released a trailer for its new TV series based on The Boss Baby called, you guessed it, The Boss Baby: Back in Business. Yes, Theodore, the suit-wearing baby who likes to buy low and sell high is getting his own show.

While the original film explores Theodore’s integration into his new family – and how that integration hurts his brother Tim, who feels neglected by his parents – the show will grapple with Theodore’s own fear of being replaced. Much like how older siblings can feel pushed out of the spotlight by the arrival of a baby, Theodore feels threatened by the cuteness of cats, and the fact that they’re becoming more popular with adults than even babies. Now, it’s up to Theodore, Tim, and the brilliant infants at Baby Corp. to do something about it.

Despite what seemed to be a saran wrap-thin premise, The Boss Baby was a big hit in theaters. Hell, it was even nominated for Best Animated Feature at this year’s Academy Awards. So, don’t doubt Theodore. The Boss Baby: Back in Business is slated for release on April 6th.