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Netflix Shares a New Clip For the ‘Boss Baby’ TV Show

'The Boss Baby: Back in Business' hits Netflix on April 6th.


For its next original TV show, Netflix is following the success of Dreamworks’ The Boss Baby with The Boss Baby: Back In Business. Ahead of the show’s April 6th release, Netflix has dropped a new clip from Back In Business. And, you know what? It looks kinda bearable, like a version of The Office intended for kids. 

The show follows Theodore, the suit-wearing, fast-dealing, dollar-splashing baby from the movie, as he tries to balance family life with being the CEO of Baby Corp., a company where brilliant infants pool their efforts to increase the amount of love received by babies. What’s fascinating about the show, if the clip is to be believed, is how it packages workplace drama and makes it something little kids can understand.

The clip opens with Theodore, in typical boss fashion, trying to calmly appease Scooter, a bad-mannered, formula-chugging infant with the demeanor of a disgruntled union boss. After Scooter throws a bottle at Theodore’s head, Theodore slams his tiny hands on the desk and yells “How do we move the needle on this one?!” Scooter’s reply is to say something nasty about Theodore’s mother in baby speak and walk out.

It’s silly, but the underlying workplace issues are easily understood by the show’s infant target audience and should resonate with parents who are catching glimpses of it as they go about whatever it is they’re doing. You can check out the clip below.