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Bong Jon-Ho’s “I’m Drinking Tonight” Oscar’s Acceptance Speech Won the Internet, Our Hearts

We're ready to drink tonight.


The South Korean film Parasite cleaned up at the Oscars on Sunday night. The film took home four awards and even made history, becoming the first non-English language film to win Best Picture.

Despite these monumental achievements, the internet only seemed to focus on the last line from Jon-Ho’s acceptance speech: “I’m ready to drink tonight.”

Jon-Ho required a translator for the majority of his acceptance speeches but had memorized those last five words of the closing of his speech. Twitter and Instagram responded by creating memes and GIFs to commemorate the moment. During his acceptance speech for Best International Feature Film, Jon-Ho had his translator communicate for him as he spoke in Korean. “I’m so happy to be its first recipient under the new name,” Bong said. “I applaud and support the new direction that this change symbolizes. All our loving crew members and cast members are here with us. Please send a round of applause to the actors and crew members of ‘Parasite.’”

Jon-Ho then finished off the speech in English, saying the award-winning line: “I also thank everyone who allowed me to actualize my vision . . . and yeah, I’m ready to drink tonight.”

The internet responded with a hashtag that read #ImReadyToDrinkTonight. Major media outlets like MTV and ABC even quoted the director during their Oscars coverage on Twitter. One account even changed their name to “i’m ready to drink tonight.”

Congratulations to Bong Jon-Ho for winning at the Oscars…and the internet.