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Watch This Hockey Player Hug His Dad After Learning He’s Headed to the Olympics

Bobby Butler had no idea he'd made the cut.

Twitter/Milwaukee Admirals
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Yesterday, 30-year-old forward Bobby Butler received the news of a lifetime when he was informed that he would be joining the U.S. Olympic hockey team at the 2018 Winter Olympics. The already inspiring story got even better when someone filmed Butler getting to tell the exciting news to his father, who is in disbelief after he learns that his son is going to the Olympics.

Butler approaches his dad and they begin to have what his dad believes to be a normal conversation. As they are shaking hands, Butler lets his dad know that he will be headed to PyeongChang for the Olympic games and his father gives a huge smile before the two share a big hug as Butler’s teammates and coaches celebrate Butler’s accomplishment with some cheering.

Making an Olympic team is a dream come true for anyone but the fact that Butler made it is truly incredible, as he hasn’t played in the NHL since 2014. Butler currently plays for the Milwaukee Admirals of the AHL and was not on most people’s Olympic radars, as the U.S. roster tends to be filled with NHL superstars. But the NHL is sitting out of the 2018 Olympics due to scheduling conflicts so AHL players were given a shot. And Butler, who has scored 25 points in just 32 games this season, secured a spot. Now, Butler will have the chance to make his dad and the whole country proud.

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