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Blame ‘Star Wars’ For Huge Price Increase of Disneyland Parks Tickets

The power of the Force is forcing families to spend more than ever on Disneyland and Disney World.

Disney Parks

Let’s say you want to go to Disneyland or Disney World this summer, but you don’t really care about the new Star Wars attraction, Galaxy’s Edge. It seems impossible, but you know, not insane. If you have a really little kid, say 2 or 3-years-old, you might not want to immerse them in the occasional very scary galaxy far, far away. But it doesn’t matter, because if you go to Disneyland or Disney World this year, you’ll be paying for Star Wars whether you like it or not.

As of this week, Disneyland Parks officially announced ticket prices have increased by 25 percent. This means that the cheapest option for a day pass to either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida is $100 bucks. Again, $100 per person is now the cheapest option for tickets.

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of hacks to get around this, and the reason for the increase almost certainly has to do with the new Star Wars attraction. Touted as an immersive experience, Galaxy’s Edge will allow visitors to ride the Millennium Falcon and drink real alcohol at a simulacrum of the famous Mos Eisley cantina first glimpsed in the 1977 Star Wars movie, A New Hope. For those of us who remember StarTours from the ’80s and ’90s, this is supposed to be way better than that, though clearly, way more expensive.

For families this news is tricky. On the one hand, people who like Star Wars will probably view the Galaxy’s Edge attraction as the entire reason to go to Disneyland or Disney World this summer. And yet, there’s a lot more to taking a kid to Disneyland than participating in a space opera about laser guns and space criminals. Disney had to pay for the huge new Star Wars rides somehow, and it looks like those costs have been passed along to the consumers.