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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Rock Masks Decorated by Their Kids

Are mask decorating kits the new COVID kids activity?

@blakelively / instagram

Mask decorating is apparently a family activity now. It makes sense: it’s practical, encourages mask-wearing, and lets your kids’ creativity fly especially when in-person art classes are closed. Or at least, it looks like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are trying to make mask decorating more popular. With good reason, it appears! Lively recently took to Instagram to post a sweet photo of her and husband Reynolds wearing white masks that their three kids—9-month-old Betty, 3-year-old Inez, and 5-year-old James—decorated to make them a bit more lively, captioned, “We won’t embarrass them at all in middle school,” as per Glamour. Art from little kids is sometimes hard to discern… but it looks that the kids painted Lively’s mask with yellow stars and… a sketch of a woman’s head with pink and purple hair? And Reynolds’ mask is mostly a colorful array of stars. A theme! 

After posting the photo with her and Reynolds, she shared another to assure people that she wasn’t sponsored by the company of the mask-making kits, and that her family just really likes them. So if your kids might be in the market for some mask decorating, Lively writes, “This is not an ad. These kids are awesome. Also, love that @craftstudionyc is owned by a mama.” The photo says that the kids played with the company’s “tie dye kit” filled with an array of markers, paints, and stencils. Even though the couple might one day embarrass their kids in middle school, the couple probably has a good idea on their hands. As an activity, decorating masks is a multitasker that combines art with opportunities to teach kids about public health…and it might also allow busy, overworked parents a few minutes to not think about everything they have to do.