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Bill Murray Is Rashida Jones’s Dad in ‘On the Rocks’ Trailer

It, unsurprisingly, rocks.

Seventeen years after Lost in Translation, Bill Murray and director Sofia Coppola finally made another movie together. The first trailer for On the Rocks makes it seem like it will be well worth the wait.

Murray stars as Felix, a bon vivant visiting his daughter Laura, played by Rashida Jones, in New York. He rolls up, calls her “kiddo,” and immediately pulls the classic dad move of talking to everybody: complimenting a pregnant woman on her beauty and greeting the doorman by name.

Laura reveals that her husband Dean has been spending more time away on business and that she feels like “the buzzkill waiting to schedule things.” Felix, who clearly considers himself a wise realist when it comes to relationships, automatically suspects Dean of infidelity.

“He’s not like you,” Laura replies. “He’s a good dad. He’s a great dad.” Ouch.

That’s a brutal comment that contradicts Felix’s assertion that “Males are forced to fight to dominate and to impregnate all females,” the reason that he suspects Dean of cheating and, you get the distinct sense, an excuse for his own past misdeeds.

Felix ropes Laura into a plan to follow Dean on one of his business trips, and the trailer launches into a montage of clips from the film, hints at the adventures they find together, a cherry red convertible, nightswimming, joyriding through Manhattan among them.

The trailer closes with the two sharing a sundae, a wholesome, classic father-daughter move that hints at an affectionate center in their otherwise difficult relationship.

On the Rocks will premiere in theaters and on Apple TV+ in October.