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Bill Cosby Tried Very Hard to Ruin Father’s Day

To say the message is tone deaf would be the understatement of the century.

Getty Images

Making everyone question the wisdom of whether or not people in prison should be on Twitter, Bill Cosby decided to reappear with a superbly creepy Father’s Day tweet. The former actor and currently convicted sex offender sent out a tweet on Sunday that ended a joyful day on a straight-up disturbing note. Probably the most unsettling part is that he referred to himself “America’s Dad.”  After his long history of sexual violence, the thought alone is shudder-inducing.

On Sunday, Cosby sent the bizarre tweet, which reads:

“Hey, Hey, Hey…It’s America’s Dad…I know it’s late, but to all of the Dads… It’s an honor to be called a Father, so let’s make today a renewed oath to fulfilling our purpose —strengthening our families and communities.”

Considering the fact that the 81-year-old is currently imprisoned for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 (and has dozens of similar allegations against him), it’s pretty horrifying that he thinks of himself this way.

It’s unclear if Cosby actually sent out the tweet (many have suggested his wife is running his account during his sentence) but regardless; to say the message is tone deaf would be the understatement of the century.

The replies are, of course, full of confusion and disgust. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” one Twitter user wrote. “You’re an actual monster though,” said another. One, however, takes the cake as perfectly savage. In response to a reply that said “No please”, one user wrote, “You know he doesn’t understand those two words.”

Oh. Snap.

Whatever’s going on here, it’s creepy, abhorrent, and just plain out of touch. Way to ruin Father’s Day (oh, and a ton of other stuff, like people’s lives), Mr. Cosby.