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Bill Belichick Wears His Coaching Hat to the Super Bowl

Every legendary coach wears a fedora, right?

Bear Bryant. Tom Landry. Vince Lombardi. All legendary coaches. All wore stylish hats. Bill Belichick, on the other hand, wears weird sleeveless sweatshirts. He may be a legendary football coach, but he is anything but fashionable.

That changed, at least briefly, this week when the New England Patriots coach arrived in Minnesota for Super Bowl LII dressed for the part. He wore a suit, a tie, and one-hell-of-a-dapper black fedora once owned by his late father, longtime Navy coach Steve Belichick. Steve coached the Naval Academy for over 30 years and, according to Bill’s mother Jeanette Belichick, his son wanted nothing more than to be like him. “He loved everything that his dad did,” she explained in an interview on the NFL’s official Youtube channel. “Anything that Steve did, [Bill] wanted to do.” It was by following his dad around the Annapolis campus that Bill started to understand the game of football on a deeper level.

Belichick, who is competing in his eighth Super Bowl on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, had a different explanation for the surprising fashion choice: his longtime girlfriend helped dressed him. And, of course, “Minnesota’s a good place to have a hat.”