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This 140-Foot Long Hot Wheels Track is Absolutely Incredible

This video is so awesome it will make you want to find your old Hot Wheels and start building.

Since the iconic tiny toy cars first hit store shelves in 1968, Hot Wheels have been an American obsession. Building over-the-top Hot Wheels tracks is now a time-honored tradition, a super fun activity to do with a kid and then take over from the kid when he or she gets bored or you, an adult who should probably know better, get way to invested. Now, YouTuber 5MadMovieMakers has created the ultimate track, a 141-foot gauntlet of terror that must be seen to be believed. And he’s filmed it from a driver’s eye view.

The massive, sprawling track begins at the second-story window of a house before heading down into the backyard where it twists, turns, and loops for over 100-feet of thrilling fun. According to 5MadMovieMakers, a car on the track races at an average speed of 3.8 miles per hour. That may not sound like much but that’s roughly the equivalent of a normal-sized car hitting 244 mph.

Typically, the coolest thing you can expect from a Hot Wheels track is a vertical loop or a ramp but 5MadMovieMakers has a knack for taking something most of us see as ordinary and turning it into something truly epic.  Not surprise then that the video, uploaded the day after Christmas, has already been viewed almost 200,000 times. Based on the comments, it seems 5MadMovieMakers’ insanely elaborate Hot Wheels track is inspiring viewers to dig up their old tracks and get weird with it. Good.