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Apparently, This Is What Parents Could Be Naming Their Kids In 2017

For as long as 2017 has felt so far (and that’s long), it’s still a little too early to know what the hot new baby names are going to be this year. But if you’re a betting man, you might want to put your money on Nameberry’s predictions. In an attempt to forecast what parents might be calling their kids by year’s end, they compared which names got the most search traffic in January 2016 with January 2017. Here’s what they found.

sleeping newborn baby

The number one name for girls, with a 1508 percent increase, is Tatjana — which is just like Tatiana unless you’re the kind of guy who mispronounces quesadilla. For boys, the top name (with a 4141 percent increase) is Kyd, which to be fair, you were going you were going to call him anyways. Other off-the-grid names for girls that you should brace yourself for hearing at the park are Tahiti (ideally after where she was conceived), Noor, and Bellamy — shoutout to Bill. For boys, names like Benajah, Sulien, Beauregard are also coming soon. Overall, the only surviving name from 2016 was Amara, which barely made the ranks. Thanks, Obama.

A few trends behind these predictions: more international names, an increase in the use of consonants, and of course, the influence of pop culture. For instance, the name Moana caught a pretty gnarly wave. If all of this frightens and confuses you like an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, there’s one shift old-school parents can be happy about: A move away from gender-neutral names and back toward gender-specific ones. So there’s really something for everyone. But if you still want to name your daughter Bowie, by all means, be the change you want to see in the following list.


  1. Tatjana
  2. Alizeh
  3. Tahiti
  4. Moana
  5. Ines
  6. Seren
  7. Rosamund
  8. Alisha
  9. Samara
  10. Lilian
  11. Kyra
  12. Sutton
  13. Noor
  14. Arielle
  15. Reina
  16. Calista
  17. Marisol
  18. Arcadia
  19. Ophelia
  20. Zoey
  21. Bellamy
  22. Natasha
  23. Amara
  24. Saskia
  25. Portia


  1. Kyd
  2. Benajah
  3. Sulien
  4. Koa
  5. Gunther
  6. Cassian
  7. Beauregard
  8. Albie
  9. Issac
  10. Lucien
  11. Ragnar
  12. Alden
  13. Dante
  14. Marcel
  15. Xander
  16. Bowie
  17. Kane
  18. Arrow
  19. Sherlock
  20. Mateo
  21. Franklin
  22. Sayer
  23. Cassius
  24. Callum
  25. Aurelius