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‘Big Mouth’ Season 3 Trailer Looks as Obscene, Funny, and Educational As Ever

The controversial animated comedy about pubescent sexuality is back to shock and inform with a new trailer for season three.


The season three trailer for Netflix’s Big Mouth — an animated show about middle school students going through puberty, having sex with pillows, and dealing with their hormone monsters and the ghost of Duke Ellington who lives in one character’s attic — just dropped, and boy, does season 3 look like it will be as obscene (and informative!) as ever. We couldn’t be more pumped.

The two minute clip, which opens with a Price-is-Right Style game show called “Do The Thing,” where the gag is instead of Bob Barker, a vagina hosts, and Jessi (voiced by Jessi Klein) will play a game where she touches it until “something awesome happens,” promises more gags, inappropriate boners, and complicated, animated, pubescent sexual politics than ever before.

The show, though definitely quite gross, still earned its status in both seasons 1 and 2 for being frank and honest about puberty and sex. The show has not shied way from even the most taboo of topics and even served as real, honest to god sexual education in more than one episode — including one where Missy (voiced by Jenny Slate) and the other middle school girls educated Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andrew (John Mulaney) on the many purposes of Planned Parenthood. 

The two-minute clip also features a Queer Eye cameo in which the Fab 5 go to makeover Coach Steve. Johnathan Van Ness observes in horror as Coach Steve explains the “one brush he uses for all his parts.” Season 3 also looks to tackle the male gaze, toxic masculinity, pansexuality, and a list in which all the boys rank the hottest girls in school, and more. Big Mouth Season 3 launches on Netflix on October 4, 2019.