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Video of Biden Swearing in Toddler to Senate Resurfaces, Will Make You Smile

Here’s some cuteness for your timeline.

President-Elect Joe Biden is currently preparing task forces ahead of his inauguration in 2021 and, presumably, celebrating his election win with his family. But in 2013, then-V.P. Biden was celebrating the swearing-in of Connecticut Senator Chris Murphyand laughing alongside Murphy’s adorable kids.

In the sweet video, which Murphy posted today with the perfect caption, “If you need a laugh today, here’s the time President-elect Biden accidentally swore in a toddler to the United States Senate,” the senator is introducing Cathy, his wife, and their two sons, then-one-year-old Ryder and four-year-old Owen, and the kids seem hilariously perplexed. It’s understandable, y’know, with all the cameras around, bright lines, unknown people. Luckily for posterity, however, the Murphy kids’ incredible reactions are captured on video. 

The younger son, Ryder, in particular, just keeps hilariously staring at Biden, almost unblinking, the kind of stare that lots of babies do: eyes wide with curiosity and slight confusion, mouth agape. And the one-year-old keeps getting even more adorable as the video rolls on.

When Biden officially swears Murphy in and instructs him to raise his right hand, Ryder copies his dad and also raises his hand, to the delight of everyone in the room. Towards the end of the one-minute-long clip, Biden remarks, “What a great picture that’s going to be!” and he’s totally right: the Murphy family should totally have a framed picture of Ryder swearing-in alongside Dad if they don’t already. Seven years later, the video remains a pure joy. It’s the sort of thing that the Murphy boys, especially Ryder, will probably feel embarrassed about for a few years, and then look back on when they’re older with nostalgia.  

Check out the hilarious video below.