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No, Biden Isn’t Trying to Stop You From Eating Beef

Here's the truth.


Over the past handful of years, there have been some strange conspiracy theories floating around. Some have been more outlandish than others. But the one floating around about President Joe Biden and red meat is one of the sillier ones. No, Biden isn’t trying to stop you from eating red meat. He’s just not, and here’s the truth.

According to CNN, some popular right-wing online personalities, a handful of Republican members of Congress, and of course, Fox News personalities are claiming, falsely, that President Biden is trying to force less red meat-eating in the United States.

Their outlandish claim tries to say that Biden’s climate change plan includes “cutting 90% of red meat from our diets by 2030.” Fear-mongering messages to hungry Americans with the claim that “you’re only allowed to eat four pounds of red meat a year,” which is equivalent “to a burger a month. That’s it.”

Prominent figures are sharing their opposition to a policy on reducing red meat consumption that does not exist. It’s not a part of any climate bill. Biden nor his administration has never drafted anything that discusses the reduction of what people eat.

So, where did this come from? CNN’s fact-checking believes the conspiracy theory may have originated from “a deceptive Thursday article by the British tabloid The Daily Mail.” CNN explains, “The article baselessly connected Biden’s climate proposals to an academic paper from 2020 that is not about Biden and says nothing about the government imposing dietary limits.”

The paper in question was published well before Biden was president. Biden hadn’t even won the Democratic nomination by the time this study was published. “The paper does not even mention Biden’s name,” CNN writes. Adding, “And Biden has never publicly mentioned the paper.”

So, calm down, maybe? Biden is not trying to stop you from eating red meat. And no one is trying to break you of your burger habit.