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We Finally Get to See Beyoncé’s Nala in New ‘Lion King’ Teaser

Timon and Pumbaa make a quick appearance, too!


As if we needed another reason to be excited about the upcoming live-action Lion King, the latest teaser trailer gives fans something we’ve all been craving: Beyoncé. The global superstar will be voicing Nala in the remake and the 30-second clip gives lets viewers see what her portrayal of Simba’s love interest will both look and sound like. And, unsurprisingly, it looks like she knocked it out of the fucking park.

The clip opens with Nala circumventing any flirting or seductively wrestling, instead, the lioness lays down a hard truth for the prince-turned-bug-eating-slacker.

“Simba,” Nala says in a voiceover. “You have to take your place as king. We need you. Come home.”

The rest of the teaser features several other beloved characters and moments from the original film, including Rafiki showing off his finger-painting skills and Scar showing off his Hyenia posse. We even get a brief glimpse of Timon and Pumbaa (voiced by Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner, respectively), as the comedic duo stroll in at the very

“We’re here,” Pumbaa declares.

“Everyone, calm down,” Timon says while riding on Pumbaa’s back. “We’re here!”

“Backup has arrived,” Pumbaa replies.

Still, the highlight of the trailer is undoubtedly Beyoncé’s Nala, who might be able to steal the movie from right under Simba’s unsuspecting nose. After all, when Queen B sets out to do something, she usually does it in a way that puts everyone else to shame, like delivering an iconic Coachella performance despite being pregnant with twins. We can’t wait to see her bring Nala to life.

The Lion King comes to theaters July 19, 2019.