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‘Bey Script’ Teaches Kids Coding And STEM With Beyoncé

Flickr / Clemens v. Vogelsang

You might tune out when people talk about Beyoncé, or at least long for the days when Lemonade meant a refreshing summer beverage. But, speaking of drinks, you’ll have to lay off the haterade because something known as “Bey Script” could be what gets your daughter into STEM. Developed by Emily Thomforde (not to be confused with Tom Ford), Bey Script is a computational metaphor being used to teach history, english, and other nontechnical educators about Javascript — so they can relay those lessons to kids.

How Beyonce Is Helping Kids Learn Javascript

The teaching tool is a part of the New York City Foundation for Computer Science Education’s 10 year, $80 million dollar effort to give every public school student a quality computer science education. It works by translating the basics of Javascript from geek into, well, Beyoncé. “If you imagine Beyoncé were an object we’re using in JavaScript, her ‘methods’ are things that she can do, like sing and dance,” Thomforde explained to Motherboard.

In Java, you connect those methods to the object with a dot, so it would be written as “beyonce.sing.” To add an “argument” to that, or more information about what the method should do, you would use parentheses, giving you “beyonce.sing(single ladies)” in Java. Same goes for other coding terms, such as “properties” — something about the object you can change — a lesson they can move on to once your daughter stops singing.

To be clear, Beyoncé the artist is not involved in this initiative and probably isn’t looking to learn Javascript anytime soon (to be fair, she’s busy). And sure she’s taught your daughter that girls run the world and any guy worth a damn puts a ring on it, so throwing STEM into the mix is an added bonus. And if you wished they used any other musician for this project, don’t hate. Get started on Prince Script.

[H/T] Motherboard