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These Are the Best and Worst States to Raise Your Kid In

Location, location, location.


When it comes to raising children, New Hampshire may be the best place to do it, according to a new study by The home security system website ranked each of the 50 states based on safety-related statistics to determine the best (and worst) states for raising kids.

“There are hundreds of considerations that affect a child’s chances of living a safe and happy life,” the report says, noting that for this particular study, researchers chose to evaluate four key factors: child abuse, juvenile homicides, school shootings, and poverty rates. explains, “Each of those measures can be understood as a proxy for broader societal problems, and we wanted to create a ranking that would be easy to understand without a degree in advanced mathematics.”

Based on the data, New Hampshire, which has one of the country’s lowest murder rates, was determined as the best state for raising kids. It is joined by the following states (in order) to round out the top 10: Hawaii, Vermont, Maryland, North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Colorado, Connecticut, and Iowa.

The study also listed the worst states for children, with Louisiana coming in last. The bottom 10 is ranked as follows: Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, West Virginia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Delaware, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Notably, all but two (New Mexico and Delaware) of the worst-ranking states are located in the South while almost half of the top 10 states are in the Northeast., which reviews and compares home security systems, hopes that its findings will lead to better-informed parenting in the U.S. “Whether this study helps you in deciding where you want to raise a family or you’re interested in other data points that can help you make an informed decision, deciding where to live shouldn’t just be a matter of throwing darts at a map,” the report says.