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These Are the Best Reactions to James Holzhauer Losing ‘Jeopardy!’

Nobody could believe that James Holzhauer was defeated. But, Weird Al offered some support.

Last night, James Holzhauer’s historic Jeopardy! run finally came to an end, as the gambler was officially dethroned by Emma Boettcher, a librarian from Chicago. After winning over $2 million and coming within $70,000 of Ken Jennings’ all-time record, it was shocking to see Holzhauer get taken down and people had strong feelings about watching him go down. And when people have strong feelings in 2019, there’s only one place they can go to truly express themselves to the world around them: Twitter. And while Holzhauer’s devastating defeat may have been a colossal upset, it’s almost worth it to get to see the hilarious reactions on Twitter.

So, we rounded up 11 of the funniest, emotional, and most over-the-top ridiculous Twitter responses to Holzhauer’s loss last night. Of course, plenty of the responses were simply paying tribute to James and the amazing run of dominance he was able to put together over the last few months.

A few wondered what Jeopardy would even be like after James.

And for die-hard trivia fanatics, it was hard watching their beloved nerd hero go down like that.

And a couple people couldn’t resist comparing the whole thing to sports. Would this make Emma’s Final Jeopardy the equivalent of LeBron’s chase-down block?

Others gave props to Emma, noting that her background gave her competitive leg up.

Others just imagined how excited she must have been to take down James.

Still, others just got emotional thinking about Jeopardy! on the whole.

And, of course, there were a few conspiracy theorists out there.

Ken Jennings paid tribute to the man who nearly took him down with a classy Avengers reference.

And James was humble and humorous in defeat, even teasing a future Jennings-Holzhauer showdown. How soon can we make that a reality?

But, it doesn’t get much better than getting props from Weird Al!