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Reddit Thread Reminds Us Of The Best Parts Of Childhood We Want To Revisit

Video rentals, summer days off, and being moved to bed while still sound asleep.

When we’re young kids, we daydream about what the future will hold. Wishing our time away so we can be adults and make our own rules to follow. There’s something magical about big kids’ view of the adult world. And kids usually never fully realize what problems most adults face, making the magic of childhood something that is only recognized in hindsight. Sheltered in our childhood and young brains, we often don’t realize how good we have it. And that’s the basis of a viral Reddit thread that asks the best parts of childhood that we wish we could have back. It’s full of magical nostalgia. Here are the best ones.

A Reddit thread in r/AskReddit is full of the way backstories after user hiddenproblem12 asked: “what memory from your childhood makes you sad that we’ll never be kids again?” Redditors took to the comment section and shared sweet, wholesome. Sometimes sad memories of being a kid they wish they could experience again.

“Super cliché,” groundedcloudhead admits before adding, “those weekends where your friend stays over. Going down to the video rental store, Mum gets pizza, and we stay up all night watching movies and playing PlayStation.”

For one_geeky_amber, the best part of childhood for them that they’ll never get again is the joy of summer vacations. “Getting to spend 3 whole months waking up when I want and having fun,” they wrote. Adding, “Now I’m realizing those month vacations aren’t coming back. I’ll have to treasure the weekends more.”

“Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in the bed,” is one of myf50‘s fondest memories. It’s a lot harder for adults to get carried to bed if we somehow fall asleep on the couch — not to mention the stiff bones that accompany doing that. But the memories of having a loving mom or dad doing that are wonderful.

“The world just seemed a whole lot bigger when you were smaller,” stampyracer said.

Other memories that Redditors shared include bicycling around the town, knowing it was time to head home when the streetlights came on. Having energy, climbing trees, playing on the playground, and eating their weight in pizza.

The whole thread is nostalgia feel-good and reminds us of the importance of making happy memories with the kids we have. Maybe we can revisit these moments through them, too.