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No, Dave Grohl Is Not the New Bond Villain

These April Fool's headlines made us laugh, though


March is officially over and April is here. But beyond just flipping the calendar, the start of April means one thing: April Fool’s Day, and by now, you’ve likely come to expect a bunch of fake stories to pop up online involving brands, celebrities, or influencers. It’s no secret that most online April Fool’s pranks are, at best, kind of annoying and, at worst, downright stupid but occasionally, a prank will appear on the internet that is actually funny.

So, even though it is far easier to just complain about all of the brands pulling “pranks” that barely even qualify as pranks, we’d rather focus on the internet pranks that would make Jim Halpert proud. So in honor of April Fools Day, we decided to round up a few of our favorite April Fools Day pranks, including fake casting news we almost wish were real and a massive breakthrough in Lego technology.

Dave Grohl Cast as Next James Bond Villain: Kerrang “reported” that the Foo Fighters frontman would be playing “the musical side-kick to Rami Malek’s Lyutsifer Safin” in the upcoming 007 film No Time to Die. Honestly, the only disappointing part of this prank is that it’s not a reality, as it would be pretty cool to see Grohl try and take down Bond.

Lego “Announces” Smartbricks: We all know the distinct pain of stepping on a Lego and the toy company acknowledged that by announcing new Smartbricks, which move out of the way any time a foot approaches. Once again, we’re a little sad this isn’t real.

Bud Light Pizza-Flavored Seltzer: Bud Light briefly tricked us into thinking they were taking the seltzer game to a whole new level with Pizza-Flavored seltzer. This sounds disgusting but if it were real, you better believe we all would have given it a try.