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Here Are the Best Lies People Were Ever Told By Children

Twitter user David Thorpe asked his followers for the best lie a kid has ever told them and, boy, did the answers deliver.

By nature, kids are creative little creatures. They have years to hone their skills because they spend so much time during the first years of their lives imagining the answers to questions they don’t understand. This also makes so many of them exceptional, ridiculous fibbers and we all went to school with some kid who used to just make up nonsense everyone believed. Over the weekend, Twitter user David Thorpe asked his followers to “tell me about the kid you knew as a kid who lied a lot. Hit me with their greatest lie.” And, boy, did Twitter not disappoint. 

As you might imagine, users sent Thorpe messages explaining how little kids lied about absolutely ludicrous topics. One kid claimed his dad was Steven Tyler’s dentist and sharpened his teeth using lasers; another said he wrote “Gansta’s Paradise.” Others described lies so bananas, you have to give them credit for simply coming up with it. Based on the rest, sitcoms should just start hiring these kids to do some punch-up work. Here are some of our favorites: