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The Best Super Bowl Commercials Were Either Sequels or Reboots

When emotion and humor fall short, companies know they can count on star power to make an ad memorable.

The Super Bowl may have been a snoozefest but no matter how thrilling or dull the actual game is, fans can always count on the commercials to provide a unique combination of entertainment and confusion which will be discussed at water coolers across the country. And this year was no exception, as countless massive brands pulled out all the stops in order to use their 30 seconds in the spotlight to convince consumers to try their product or simply to remind viewers their product exists.

But while that previously meant ads that either tried to pull on your heartstrings or strike your funny bone, in recent years, companies have increasingly decided to rely on celebrity cameos to attract the attention of viewers. Because when emotion and humor fall short, companies know they can count on star power to make an ad memorable. And that was never more evident than in this Super Bowl, as celebrities absolutely dominated the commercials. So, with that in mind, here are the five best celebrity cameos in this year’s Super Bowl ads.

Stella Artois

To show off their quality Belgian pilsner, Stella recruited the Dude and Carrie Bradshaw, two beloved 90s characters known for their signature beverages, and then had them both order Stellas, much to the shock of everyone around them (including the Most Interesting Man in the World, who has switched beer allegiances). Simple concept executed well and at the very end, they even teased the two having a moment of romantic connection, surely fueling a new wave of Tumblr fan fiction. Also, does this commercial count as a sequel to Sex and the City and The Big Lebowski at the same time?


We’ve all had that moment where we order a Coke only to have the waiter ask, “Is Pepsi okay?” So soda’s infamous second banana decided to take this issue head-on by having Steve Carrell, Lil Jon, and Cardi B all step in to explain why Pepsi is more than just okay, it’s fucking phenomenal. In all honesty, we just really want to see these three celebrities hang out for a while because we have no doubt it would be entertaining as hell.

Burger King

Just because a celebrity has been dead for 32 years doesn’t mean they can’t help sell a few burgers. At least that is the case for this Burger King ad, which featured real footage of eccentric artist Andy Warhol putting some ketchup on a whopper and then taking a bite. The footage originally came from the 1982 Danish documentary 66 Scenes From America but was repurposed for the fast-food behemoth. Would Andy mind his footage being used this way? Hard to say but Burger King got permission from his estate and to quote Andy: “Good business is the best art.”

Washington Post

On its surface, this commercial feels a little melodramatic, with the popular political news publication seemingly patting itself on the back for pursuing “real journalism” in the era of fake news. But the pretentious ad works and you want to know why? Because they were smart enough to get none other than Tom Hanks, the most lovable man in America, to narrate. And it’s pretty much impossible to hate any commercial that involves the voice of Woody.


The official chips of stoners always goes big with their Super Bowl ads and this year was no exception, as they brought on Chance the Rapper to create a Doritos-themed verse of “I Want It That Way” and then, to really up the ante, they then brought in the Backstreet Boys to belt out that impossibly catchy chorus and share a couple iconic dance moves with Chance. What’s not to love?