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The 10 Funniest #AsAKidIThought Tweets

Here are a few of the most hilarious things we all believed when we were kids.

Getty Images

Being a kid can be confusing. Life is incredibly complex and nuanced and as much as you try to make sense of the world, you don’t usually know enough as a five-year-old to figure it out. So instead, you end up with a bunch of half-baked notions about everything, like believing a piece of gum takes seven years to digest in your stomach.

To celebrate the blissful ignorance of childhood, adults began sharing their funniest misunderstandings they had as kids on Twitter with the hashtag #AsAKidIThought. Here are a few of the funniest things people believed when they were growing up.

As kids, Disney plays a critical part in shaping our understanding of society. But some of the lessons learned turned out to be less helpful than others.

Technology makes almost no sense growing up so you try to make some sense of it with your limited understanding.

Who among us wasn’t frightened by what might happen if you removed your mattress tag?

Most adults would love nothing more than a nap but as a kid, they often felt like a chore.

So that’s how clouds are made…

Making sense of the human body was always confusing.

Kids believe adults have all the answers. Then you grow up and realize everyone is making shit up as they go.

One of the best parts of being a kid was how simple everything seemed to be.

And, of course, the floor was always lava.