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9 Funny Fathers You Should Follow On Twitter Right Now

Social media may seem like an annoying millennial’s game, but there’s still one platform that was seemingly built for dad jokes: sweet, simple Twitter. Whether it’s their life experience, blunt perspective, and/or their ability to capture the perfect kid quote, dads have been dominating on Twitter for as long as they could hold a baby and phone at the same time. So if you’re lacking in laughs, beef up your feed by following these funny fathers.

Exploding Unicorn
Exploding Unicorn, aka comedy writer James Breakwell, recently put dads back on the Twitter map by documenting what his 4 daughters say, which is all worth posting. He doesn’t have to address them by name, their words speak for themselves. If Breakwell isn’t punching these quotes up and this is actually what they say, it’s only a matter of time before Judd Apatow attempts to hire his toddlers.

Classic Dad Moves
If you’re not sure if you’ve ever pulled a classic dad move (spoiler alert: you definitely have), it’s time for you to to consult with this guy. With more visual jokes than any other father on the list, he will leave you feeling more lame, but less alone.

Sean Flannery
Self-described as “The World’s Dumbest Man,” Sean Flannery is stand up comedian and father of 3 who is exactly as Irish as he sounds. He is the creator and host of the popular Chicago-based storytelling show “Blackout Diaries” and you can always count on him to teach you how to teach your kids about beer, among other things.

Playing Dad
Simply known in his bio as Tim (a small step up from “Dad”), Playing Dad is similar to Exploding Unicorn in the sense that it’s dialogue based — the only difference is that he’s the one who’s dishing out the punchlines. You have to admit, his bedtime story clearly bears repeating.

Michael Joyce
Unfortunately, Mike Joyce is NOT the drummer of The Smiths. However, he is a New York-based comedian and funny father with the tweets to prove it. If you live in NYC, you can see his dad jokes in the flesh Tuesdays at “The Fancy Show.” If you don’t, check him out online. He’s also a new dad, which means there’s plenty more where this came from.

Abe Yospe
Abe Yospe is a father, husband, and first grade teacher, but above all else he is the wordsmith that knows exactly how to get under any mom’s pajama-pant-covered skin. Though his avatar suggests that he’s a Packers fan, you can probably get past that if he has as good of a sense of humor about it.

Chris Gayner
As a comedian, stay at home dad, and according to his tweets, occasional hero at his local Jo-ann Fabrics, Chris Gayner has an amusingly off-center way of communicating the universal experience of parenting. Even if your kid hasn’t graduated to farting on hard surfaces yet, you’ll be able to relate.

Ryan Reynolds
You know him, you love him, so “say the magic words, Fat Gandalf”: Follow. Ryan. Reynolds. It’s basically what it would be like if Deadpool had a baby, but without all the unfortunate consequences of Deadpool reproducing and raising a human being.

Dad Joke Han Solo
If you didn’t start following this guy back when he blew up earlier this year, you might be in danger of developing the sense of humor of Darth Vader. This dad is basically the opposite of the Dark Lord and the force is undeniably with this him and Ben. For your own sake, follow him before his son kills him.