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This Interactive Graph Of 100 Different Beer Styles Will Make You Thirsty

There are 2 types of beer: Beer that’s in your hand and beer in your belly. But according to The Beer Judge Certification Program, there are upwards of 99 styles of beer on the wall — 100 to be exact. Fellow father and not-so-fellow numbers nerd Nathan Yau made an interactive chart with all of them, in case you feel like getting drunk on his Flowing Data.

The certification program defines beer based on alcohol by volume (ABV), bitterness (measured in International Bittering Units, or IBUs), and color (measured by Standard Reference Method, or SRM, but you can just use your eyes). Yau organized all 100 styles into 14 subcategories and graphed them based on these standards. Rectangles towards the top right represent beer that is high in alcohol and bitterness — it’s where your IPAs are at. Rectangles towards the bottom left corner cover beer that’s lower in alcohol and bitterness. Brews that are best paired with an American flag shirt.

The shading shows the range of ABVs, IBUs, which determines the shape of the square, plus the color, and you can drag your mouse over each style for more information and examples of what brands you can buy. It’s a great way to learn about both ales you already love and ones you’re hoping to try. And it’s a better way to find out that Wee Heavy is a real beer and not a prank.

[H/T] Flowing Data