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Beer Is America’s Favorite Alcoholic Beverage (And Probably Yours Too)

Sure, drinking beer for the health benefits feels a lot like subscribing to Playboy for the articles. Still, there are a number of studies out there that show that beer is good for you, possibly because scientists like to crack open a cold one every once in a while too. But if you still prefer to conduct your own “research” on your favorite beverage, no one would blame you. (Norm from Cheers was just gathering data.) According to a recent Gallup poll, most people would join you at the bar, because everyone loves beer as much as you do.

Overall 43 percent of Americans who drink alcohol said they preferred beer, compared to 32 percent who opted for wine, and 20 percent who went with liquor. This breaks down to 54 percent of men and 23 percent of women, and makes beer the most popular it’s been since 2002, when 44 percent of people were ordering it. If you love a good feud (especially when you’ve been drinking), beer and wine have been at it for years. In 2005, wine knocked beer off the top slot, while 2011 and 2013 were quite close as well.  Since then, beer has led strong, maybe because beer has gotten arguably better. Also, a toddler can easily deliver you a frosty IPA in a can. A nice glass of pinot? Not so much.

Wine was the favorite for women, so if you want to please the missus you might have to mix it up occasionally, since the secret to staying together could be drinking together. Or perhaps having different drinks of choice is nature’s way of making sure you’ll never wonder who drank the last one. (Spoiler: It was definitely you.)

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