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Because 2020: An Asteroid Could Hit The U.S. The Day Before The Election

Another one for the 2020 bingo card.

It seems that 2020 is constantly trying to one-up itself. From murder hornets to a global pandemic to two hurricanes barreling down through the Gulf of Mexico at basically the same time, 2020 feels like the rushed final season of a legacy television show where the writer’s room is just trying to wrap everything up as quickly as possible so they can get on their next TV show. The news that an asteroid is coming to hit the planet — and the United States, specifically — is no different thematically. But, luckily, impending interplanetary doom is very very far from a sure thing. 

While, yes, there is an asteroid heading straight to our planet set to “hit,” if it does, the day before election day in the United States, there is a near-impossible chance that it’s going to hit the planet, according to NASA, even if it is on track for Earth. Actually, the chance of that particular asteroid hitting Earth at all is 0.41 percent, which should lead to a collective sigh of relief. And the asteroid hit the Earth, it would probably make little more than excellent stargazing for kids and their parents. 

The reason is that this asteroid, named 2018VP1, is only 6.5 feet across, small enough that it would likely burn off before reaching the Earth’s surface. This is far from an end of days asteroid, but if it’s reason enough to force people inside before the election, that might not be such a bad thing. There is, after all, a very real and deadly pandemic spreading throughout planet Earth right now. Isn’t that enough?