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Beatles White Album Re-Release Will Have Totally New Songs

There's a ton of unreleased stuff coming.

Apple Records

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the only self-titled Beatles album that nobody calls by its actual official name, The Beatles. Instead, we all call it “The White Album,” because it would be way too confusing to call it anything else. Back in 1968, on the verge of a break-up that would culminate in Let it Be, the Beatles released a double-album grab-bag of some of their best and strangest songs. If your favorite Beatles album is the White Album, there’s a good chance we can be friends.

On Monday, Variety reported that a huge reissue of The White Album will include not only remastered versions of the original tracks but also a slew of demos, some which were previously unreleased. This isn’t like the recent raw version of a John Lennon song we’ve already heard before, but instead, actual new Beatles songs which not everyone has heard.

To be clear, some of these songs are covers (like “Blue Moon”) but considering the Beatles made several great covers their own (“Dizzy Miss Lizzy,” “Twist and Shout”) even non-original material being performed by the Fabs will be awesome for longtime fans. Here’s a partial listing of some of the new songs: “(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care,” “What’s the New Mary Jane,” “Blue Moon,” “Circles,” and “Sour Milk Sea.” (A complete listing is on the official Beatles website.)

There will also be early versions of familiar Beatles songs as well as some demos which were partially released on the 1995 anthology albums. (Like “Step Inside Love.”) There will also be a very early version of John Lennon’s classic “Jealous Guy,’ which at this point was still called “Child of Nature.”

-The new version of The White Album will be out on multiple formats on November 9.-