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Radio DJ Fired for Racist Tweet About Royal Baby

People were not happy about it.


Twitter was abuzz Wednesday after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed the first photos of the newest royal baby boy, Archie. However, one allegedly racist tweet by BBC Live presenter Danny Baker didn’t go over as planned—and now the radio host has been fired from the station because of his “serious error of judgment.”

The tweet, which was later deleted, showed a picture of a chimpanzee dressed in human clothes with the caption “Royal baby leaves hospital.” People quickly fired back at Baker, accusing the post of being racist as Markle’s mother is African-American.

Following the intense backlash, BBC announced on Thursday that “Danny’s a brilliant broadcaster but will no longer be presenting a weekly show with us.” The media outlet explained that his inappropriate tweet “goes against the values we as a station aim to embody.”

Baker responded to the criticism with a series of apologetic tweets on Wednesday evening. “Sincere apologies for the stupid unthinking gag pic earlier. Was supposed to be joke about Royals vs circus animals in posh clothes but interpreted as about monkeys & race, so rightly deleted,” one tweet read, while another added, “Would have used same stupid pic for any other Royal birth or Boris Johnson kid or even one of my own… Anyway, here’s to ya Archie, Sorry mate.”

He later told reporters outside his home that he felt he was “thrown under the bus” by BBC, describing his tweet as “ill-advised, ill thought out and stupid but racist? No, I’m aware how delicate that imagery is.”